Salman Khan looking for his Cinderella Salman Khan looking for his Cinderella

He is dashing. He is kind. He is intelligent. And he LOVES Being Human. Yes! It is SALMAN KHAN. One of the most popular actor in Indian Cinema, he has done lots of movies which we cannot even count. Recently, Salman Khan is on seventh heaven as girls are drooling over him. He has dated the most amazing and gorgeous women in the industry – Aishwarya, Somi Ali and the HEARTTHROB Katrina. But somehow, all of them never worked. Was Salman expecting too much out of them or he lost interest? NOBODY knows!
He is the most eligible bachelor in B-town and his family is looking for a perfect match for the loveable man! Salman’s abbu has told the media that currently the hunt is ON! He believes in astrology and according to Salman’s stars, if he does not get married before 42 – he will never get married.
Why is it that he never found a perfect match for himself? He earns in crores. He is handsome and kind. He is popular. What more would a girl want?
Sallu never speaks about his love life but he told the media that he wanted an efficient girl who could do everything that a homemaker does.
Salman believes in family values and prioritizes it as the topmost. Even though he earns in millions, he is very down to earth and leads a simple life.
He is the perfect prince charming who is waiting for that perfect Cinderella. Let’s see, which girl’s foot fits the shoe.