Quit smoking, says Sameera Reddy Quit smoking, says Sameera Reddy

Hit the gym instead of smoking to slim and trim, advises Bollywood actress Sameera Reddy, a day ahead of the World No Tobacco Day.
Sameera, a non-smoker, also feels that women who smoke to remain fit should change their approach as 'there is no substitute for a good diet and exercise'.
'Make the decision to quit and then stick to it. Stay strong, I have seen many of my friends go through nicotine withdrawals and it's not easy but totally worth it in the end,' Sameera said in a statement.
'Do some yoga, practice some deep breathing and if the cravings get too much use a nicotine chewing gum or patch but don't give up and go back to smoking,' she added.
The actress has featured in films like 'No Entry', 'Race' and 'De Dana Dan'.