Lindsay Lohan Begins 35 Days of House Arrest

Lindsay Lohan headed to the Lynwood Jail at the crack of dawn (5:02am, to be exact)  this morning and was fitted with an electronic ankle bracelet to kick off her house arrest. The starlet was then sent directly back to her Venice, Calif. home, where she'll spend the next 35 days.

LiLo better have a big Netflix queue since she'll be "confined to the interior premises of her home at all times," according to L.A. Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore (via 

Even though Lindsay might be bored out of her mind for the next month or so, we imagine hanging out at her sweet pad is far better than hanging out in jail for four months, which was her original sentence for stealing a necklace from a Beverly Hills jeweler. Thanks to jail overcrowding and her nonviolent offense, she was eligible for house arrest instead.

And, the house arrest might only be 2 weeks if she's on her best behavior. The bracelet doesn't monitor for alcohol or drug use, but she swears she's learned her lesson and is determined to stay sober for life .

Whitmore didn't reveal if there are any exceptions that would allow the actress to leave her home during the 35 days, say to do things like work off her 480 hours of community service. Lindsay will be completing the house at a women's shelter and she's expected to do some janitorial work at the LA County morgue!