Justin Bieber and His $25,000 'Family Guy' Bling

While women around the world clamor to get all the information they can on Kim Kardashian and her itty-bitty $2 million diamond engagement ring, Justin Bieber has come out and given men their own reasons to believe in bling. Turns out the boy wonder wears a diamond-encrusted necklace of Stewie Griffin (see: Family Guy) around his neck and oh is it awesome. 

Compared with Kardashian's exorbitantly expensive ring, Bieber's necklace is relatively affordable at $25,000. Sure that's about half as much money as the average American household takes in each year, but who's counting? When you're thethird most powerful celebrity on the planet, you can do what you want. 

By adding the Stewie necklace -- which he apparently helped design, himself -- to his collection, the Biebs joins the ranks of other bizarre celebrity bling enthusiasts like Flavor Flav and his clock and Chris Brown and his Buzz Lightyear. We can only imagine what he'll design for girlfriend Selena Gomez.