Lady Gaga 'obsessed with cooking shows' Lady Gaga 'obsessed with cooking shows'

Lady Gaga has confessed that she is obsessed with cooking shows and that she had acquired her cooking skills by just by watching those shows.
"When I get time off, I like to watch cooking shows, I'm really obsessed with them. I'm a really good cook now, just from watching those shows. My specialty is Italian," Contactmusic quoted the singer telling the 'Heat' magazine:
And despite her busy lifestyle, the 'Judas' singer also revealed that she loves to catch up with her childhood friends over good food and wine.
"I went to an all-girls' school, so the few of my friends that I've kept since high school, we'll all just get together and cook and drink six or seven bottles of red wine and just talk about life and chill out," Gaga added.