Famous Flashback: Christina Aguilera

Take a look at this "dirrty" girl! Back in 2001 Christina Aguilera had a whole lot going on -- like a wild mane with magenta extensions (to match her lipstick), rhinestone eye makeup, a whole lot of spray tan, and what looks to be a drawn-on mole. Wow.

The diva rocked this look for the MTV Video Music Awards a decade ago, where she won the Video of the Year prize for "Lady Marmalade." During her acceptance speech she said: "I guess the big hair paid off."

The hit song from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack also featuredLil' Kim, Mya, and Pink, and it soared on the charts. It became the most successful airplay-only single ever! Xtina said she'd love to team up with the gals again: "Of course, this is the closest I get to be in a girl group," she said in September 2001.

At this point, Christina was also getting ready to release her fourth studio album, Stripped. The album sold more than 330,000 copies when it was released in the fall of 2002, and it showcased her racier side with songs like "Dirrty," which was accompanied by a controversial music video. Her next single "Beautiful" put her back in the public's good graces a bit and she's been bouncing in and out of the spotlight since.

Over the last few years she's toned down the striped hair, but she's still rocking the bright lipstick, fake eyelashes, and overly bronzed skin. Some things never change.