Get Giddy: 'Glee' Finale Set to Air Tonight

After a year of high-profile guest singers, anti-climactic funeral scenes and enough riveting dance numbers to make Beyonce jealous, the second season of Glee is set to wrap up tonight on FOX. 

The season finale of everyone's favorite musical-show will air tonight at 9 p.m., just after American Idol. The highly-anticipated episode will revolve around McKinley High's glee club's trip to New York City, where the gang will be vying for the top spot at Nationals. 

While there doesn't appear to be plans to kill another character off the show this week, we know from the on-set pictures that came in of the cast hopping around Times Square, Lincoln Center and Central Park, that the finale will be full of color, spontaneous dancing and smiles. 

Among the songs planned for tonight's big episode is a mash-up of Madonna's "I Love New York" and Leonard Bernstein's iconic "New York, New York," which will be sung by Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and the rest.