Pippa Middleton Loses Best Butt Contest

So there's something called the "Rear of the Year" award in England, and there's also this royal sibling Pippa Middleton, who has a now-famous backside. The two sound like a match made in heaven -- but this year, Pippa lost out in the kitschy contest. 

Pippa's assets, which gained sudden superstardom at sister Kate Middleton's wedding, lost the big award to a TV presenter named Carol Vorderman. The event organizer said Pippa couldn't surpass the popular host because she only had six weeks to accrue votes, while Vorderman's been getting votes all year. 

"The bottom line, if you want to use that expression, is that if you Google Carol Vorderman's bottom and stand back, there is a mass of websites dedicated to her rear assets," Edwards quipped.

Maybe Pippa's backside just couldn't keep up with her rapid-growing fame. Shucks.