Charlie Sheen's 'Two and a Half Men' Character Being Killed Off

Since it's not entirely clear who watches (or watched) Two and a Half Men (apparently there are/were many though), it's hard to predict how fans of the show will react to a rather grim-sounding storyline that involves fiery end to the Charlie Harper character.  A source close to the show told TMZ that producers are thinking to have Sheen's character drive a car off a cliff. 

This sends a clear message, if true. Namely that Sheen won't be making any future cameos, at least not in human form. Perhaps he'll come back as a bebopping cool swing cat bowler-shirted GHOST that haunts Ashton Kutcher (who apparently enters the show next season as the new owner of dead Charlie's house). 

No matter, the beleaguered star can just go on another Turbo Truth Torpedo tour.  

In other news, Sheen's last remaining "goddess," Natalie Kenly has checked out of his Pleasure Palace. Kenly is the one for whom he famously purchased a Mercedes (not Bree Olsen, who also moved out). Guessing he's gonna want that back. But on the upside, he's single again ladies. Mmmm?